Maybe the fastest way to figure out how a particular operation is performed is to watch a video clip where some other person illustrates the very moves you have to make. This is valid particularly if you create a new hosting account without having used this sort of service up to now, or if you have used a web hosting platform with a different graphical interface and aren’t used to the way in which accounts are managed on the new one. An educational video clip can teach you the easiest and speediest way to carry out a given task inside your hosting account, saving you the trouble of exploring various options till you find the one that you indeed need, or of reading lengthy knowledge base articles, which can sometimes be unclear as to where you need to go and what you need to click.

Video Tutorials in Hosting

In case you buy a hosting package from us, you will gain access to a plethora of tutorial videos, which we have compiled with the intention to make our Hepsia hosting Control Panel even easier to work with. While you navigate through its sections, you will be able to acquaint yourself with how to make use of the various functions that you will discover there simply by clicking on the video shortcut, which will invariably be located to the right. Then you can select a video tutorial on the basis of what you intend to accomplish and, provided that you access the video clips from a particular section of the Control Panel, you’ll always find only applicable tutorials. If you only desire to learn more about Hepsia and its functions, you can access the entire video catalogue by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page and see first-hand all the functions that we’ve included in the Control Panel.

Video Tutorials in Semi-dedicated Hosting

In case you’ve never had a web hosting account beforehand or you’ve ordered a semi-dedicated hosting package from us and you’re unsure about how to complete a given operation, you should examine our elaborate Hepsia Control Panel-integrated video tutorial archive, which will help you handle each facet of the web hosting service and, even if you have zero practical experience, you will be able to execute tasks such as choosing some other PHP version for your account, exporting a MySQL database or setting up a mailing list without hassle. As soon as you open a given section of the Control Panel, you’ll be able to watch all the tutorials that are related to the features available within that section. Additionally, you can browse through all the videos that we’ve created if you desire to intensify your understanding of the web hosting service in general, as we’ve got informational videos as well. You’ll find the link to the video library at the bottom of your hosting Control Panel.